My best friend is vegetarian, and I'm vegan. Am I more spiritual?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Nobody is more spiritual than anybody else. We all have the same amount of divinity in us. Nobody got more. If you are a human, you are a droplet of water of the ocean of God. Some people are here to purposefully work out the mysteries of life, feel drawn to metaphysics and feel deeply about equality with all life on the planet. Others, not so much. The best way we can encourage other people to be their best selves and live according to their highest values, is to do exactly that in our own lives. It's not necessary to get uneasy about what other people are doing. You think that it affects your life, but nothing they do can affect your life as much as the choices YOU are making. No matter how much someone offends you by their choices, it really doesn't matter. That's just you being in judgment and creating karma. Focus on applying your truest values to yourself, rather than to other people. Are you against pollution, but polluting your own body? Are you against violence, but trying to control everyone around you? These issues are truly worthy of our attention, because they create stress in our world, and we also use a lot of energy just to keep them in place. Love yourself enough to truly live according to your actual values, and you will find yourself automatically loving the rest of the world, too.

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