How do I tell if I had past lives with my boyfriend?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

My astrology teacher, Jeffrey Wolf Green, believed that most people we meet, we have met before, and as someone who can remember some past lives, I agree. A look at your natal charts will reveal a lot about your past together.

If you have dated someone, or felt close to someone, or felt that they were familiar when you first met, there's probably a 99% chance you knew each other before. Just consider whether you really want to know them in the future. What I mean is, some lives we just pay our relationship debts, never getting to where we would really like to be with relationships. To quit recycling old relationships every lifetime, DO love yourself and others, pray for others to be happy, and pray for your karma to be lessened. DON'T judge people or try to control them. Let them live their own lives, or you may find yourself entangled in unsatisfying relationships later on. If you need to end a relationship, try to do so in such a way that supports everyone involved to not require revisiting it.

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