How can I use Feng Shui for a new job?

Updated: Apr 22

When we decide we want a new job, or a new home, or anything else, we want it YESTERDAY. Let me tell you a few tips for shifting the energy in your life to something that works better for you than the typical cycle of hating where we are right now.

I practice Classical Chinese Feng Shui, as taught by Amanda Collins. Using a compass, the energies of the home or office I'm working with are revealed to me. I'm able to see if they match well with the people living in the space, and then I look at every area of life/living space, as well as my client's goals.

Feng Shui is too complex to explain in a few paragraphs, but I can make a few suggestions to support you in finding work you enjoy. First, look to the front door, or your office door, and the path leading to your front door. Whether we're talking about your work space or your ling space, consider all entrances you use, including the garage. Life Force Energy, or Chi, has to be able to find you, for your energy to shift into a higher level of prosperity. If the sidewalk out front is covered with overgrown plants, you have a broken lightbulb over your front porch, and trash cans blocking the driveway, do you think the Chi is going to find you? No. It's receiving the message that you don't want to be found, and it's moving on. So spruce up your entrance, clean the sidewalk, install lighting, and create an energized and cheerful appearance to the front of your home or business.

Next, I would suggest looking at important directions in your home and current office for the flow of money. The Southeast represents the money we are able to save, such as in a savings account. This is important to support, because it doesn't matter how much energy (money) you pull in, if it's leaving just as quickly. What does the Southeast of your space say about your ability to save money?

The North represents career, and is a wonderful place to hang your dream job's mission statement, and a picture of you doing what you love. The South represents Fire, and your status or reputation in society. It's the best place for hanging diplomas, certificates and awards.

The Northwest represents the breadwinner of the household. In the ancient past, this meant the man of the house. The Southwest traditionally represents the head female of the household. Treat these spaces with respect, and clean up any clutter, including hidden clutter in drawers, closets, and cabinets.

Every space is unique. In Classical Feng Shui, I take into account when your home was built, as well as the birthdays of the inhabitants, to discover if the home is a good match for you. Your home could have relationship or financial obstructions, depending on how the current year interacts with the construction cycle in which the home was built. The good news is that there are creative remedies for problem areas. For a thorough consultation, please see the services page. Good luck with your new job! It is on the way to you now.

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