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Hi.  I'm a holistic nurse, spiritual life coach and feng shui consultant.  Holistic nursing encompasses techniques such as using music or art to reduce stress, and much more.  It is an approach to nursing that sees people as more than just a label.  For the last ten years I've been taking care of a little girl with a lot of medical needs.  She and my son make me so happy.  I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

I started this life with a lot of karma, and a lot of unconsciousness.  I looked everywhere outside of myself for answers to my problems, but then I figured out that the answers and the problems were all inside of me.  I learned how to meditate, to breathe, to eat correctly for my body, and to remove the drama from my life.  Teachers started showing up, and I spent years learning what worked and what didn't work, because it's important to me that whatever I invest time in works on a practical level.  I went from being in serious debt to thriving financially, from having poor health to excellent health, from having trauma and drama in relationships to experiencing loving, supportive relationships.  Now I share everything I've learned, so that others can transform their lives into what they are meant to be.


I've studied with Daniel Mitel, Jim Self, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Amanda Collins, and Natalia Kobylkina, among others.  I spent my early years learning everything the hard way, so you don't have to.  I use many tools, too many to list here, to support the growth of my clients.  It's an honor to walk with you on your journey.


Whether you work with me or someone else, please don't hesitate to get support, and don't wait to begin.  Most of all, be willing to push past your old, limiting beliefs.  Life can be joyful, your mind can be calm, your emotions can be under your control, your body can be healthy, and your finances can be abundant.  Change can only come from inside of you.