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Do you want to make a change in your life?  Are you doing all of the right things, but not getting the results you want?  That's where I can help.

I'm a board certified holistic nurse and spiritual life coach, with years of experience in learning effective techniques to make positive changes.  I love teaching people the mind-body-spirit connection as well as how to increase one's joy in life (which I consider to be the same as chi, or life force).  I've personally learned how to change from  having poor health habits to losing 30 pounds and keeping it off, I effectively quit a pack-a-day smoking habit using my own technique, and I went from struggling financially to making a very healthy income.  All of these shifts weren't the result of luck or chance.  Each time, I changed my perpective, pushed past the edge of my comfort zone, and rearranged my beliefs, beginning with believing that the changes I wanted were possible.  I call what I do Consciousness Coaching, because it focuses on shifting perceptions that form the basis of our beliefs.

YOU CAN CHANGE your relationships, your health, your habits, your prosperity, your professional life, and more.  Are you ready to get out of your own way and finally create the life you want?

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Conflicting beliefs, cultural programs and self-defeating habits can take the place of  self-awareness.  It's time to decide you've had enough, and that you're ready to do the work necessary to change your life.


To create a beautiful new reality, we first need to recognize and purge what's incongruent with our goals.  This could be an attitude, a narrative, or feeling like we're owed an apology.  


Match your inner beliefs with your goals. When you change YOUR world, you change THE world.


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